Should You Join Randy Schroeder In His Monavie Business?

Published: 30th August 2009
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A Brief History of Randy Schroeder:

After several years of hard work, Randy became disenchanted with Agel Enterprises and decided to begin building a business with MonaVie, and can currently be found engaged actively in building his world wide MonaVie team. There are some rumors floating around the internet that Randy Schroeder was paid somewhere between $8-15 million dollars by Darren Larsen to join MonaVie, however Randy has stated several times that this is not true. Some people even swear that they personally saw Randy's contract with Monavie. I actually had personal contact with Randy via email and he stated emphatically that he did not get paid to join Monavie. A better question is ' who cares?

So what are Randy Schroeder's MLM training techniques?
Randy Schroeder focuses on building a network marketing business in a very traditional fashion. He focuses on building a list of the contacts that you know, and contacting them in a way that uses very precise scripting. He then delivers an audio CD to them that is about 15 minutes long, again dropping off the information using exact scripts, and then when a prospect has listened to the information, he then directs them to attend a traditional home business briefing, usually 35-45 minutes in length.

Randy focuses his efforts on recruiting new team members, and is famous for a training he created more than 10 years ago called 'Recruit, Recruit, Recruit, the only Sure Way to Success'.

What are some advantages and disadvantages to working with Randy Schroeder?
There are definitely several advantages in choosing to work directly with, or in close contact with Randy Schroeder. If you work with Randy, you will know exactly what you should do next to be successful. Randy Schroeder is one of the most precise trainers you will ever hear in your life, and he leaves no room whatsoever for confusion at any stage of the process. Also, if you get to work with him personally, there are not that many people in the world who know how to make as much money as he does, and he is personable and will help you as long as you work hard.

There are also some disadvantages to working with Randy Schroeder. If you want to build a business using marketing strategies to do your lead generation, he is not the most knowledgeable person out there. Also, you might not like working in an environment that has as exact of a process as Randy likes to promote. For example, you might like to approach prospects from more of a soft, personable angle than he suggests in his training and his approach might not 'jive' with you if you are not an extremely aggressive person.

Personally, I hold Randy Schroeder in high esteem, but prefer to build a business in a way that is more relaxed and personable. Although Randy's strategies are proven to be effective, they are definitely not my style, and even though I have recruited successfully in the past with them, I wouldn't want to anymore.

Also, based on my conversations with Randy, I wouldn't worry about whether or not he was paid by MonaVie, one thing for sure is that you can learn a world of information from Randy Schroeder if you work with him, and he wants his people to succeed.

Some thoughts if you're thinking about working with Randy Schroeder or his team

Just make sure that you want to build your business from an angle that Randy is skilled in teaching. If you are building from a very traditional approach, there are not many more skilled trainers out there than Randy Schroeder. If you want to build by doing internet marketing, local advertising, or any other manner such as implementing Attraction Marketing strategies, it would be a good idea to go elsewhere.

For example, if you are someone without a lot of personal friends to contact about your business, it will be very frustrating for you to try and make a list of 50-500 people to call. You might be much more successful learning how to market through article marketing, video marketing, or even social Web 2.0 marketing.

So is Randy Schroeder a scam?
One thing for sure, Randy Schroeder is definitely not a scam, that being said, there are definitely some advantages and disadvantages to working with his team, so just be sure and make the best decision for you. You'll be relieved to know that you don't need to be a 'guru' to be successful in MLM. In fact, there is only one 'secret' that you need to understand to prosper in your MLM company. 

David Wood wrote this Randy Schroeder Review to help people learn how to better prosper in their business. If you want to generate more leads, and learn to out sponsor anyone in your company, visit David Wood's MLM Training now.

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