An Internet Marketer's Review Of Dexter Yager

Published: 27th July 2009
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Who is this Dexter Yager guy, anyways?

Dexter can be acclaimed for building the most successful MLM organization in history with the Amway Corporation, his team spanning more than 40 countries around the world. In fact, he has often been hailed as being the 'Father' of Network Marketing systems, as all current modern MLM training systems have roots that can be traced back to Dexter's work.

Dexter also sells cds, books, seminars, and other personal development materials in addition to his affiliation with the Amway Corporation. He has one of the largest personal development organizations in the world. No one really knows the annual sales of his personal development company, although it is speculated to do more than one hundred million dollars in annual sales.

It can be noted that although Mr. Yager is one of the most powerful business people of the last century, very few people know who he is. However, if you get inside the MLM profession and ask around, every single top earner seems to revere what he has done as a pure demonstration of what can be possible. His actual international distributor organization has in excess of 4 million participants in more than 40 countries - impressive, to say the least.

With this background in mind - I want to cover briefly some frequently asked questions people have about Yager and his training from the perspective of someone who is not involved in his Amway business.

The most important point I want to get across is that Dexter is no 'scam artist', 'liar', or anything else any of the negative critics out there have claimed him to be. Whether you become involved in Amway or not, Dexter should be recognized purely for his personal and professional accomplishment. The fact is that he has positively impacted millions of people through his unique business systems. Also, his accomplishments are unsurpassed in the Network Marketing business and are totally unique in the world of entrepreneurs. His business training that he provides has helped thousands of people to reach new and higher levels of success in different professions all around the world.

I want to briefly cover whether or not his business building practices are effective in the 21st century, however. That's a different topic, however I want to briefly touch on this subject.

More than forty years of prosperity in Dexter's team can't be ignored. That being said, much of that success was created 30 years ago, and building and maintaining an organization are two different skills. For example, doing whiteboard presentations and hotel meetings can be enhanced and often replaced by internet presentation strategies.

The thing that Mr. Yager's organization does better than any other organization in the world is the strength of his personal development organization is unsurpassed. It is rare to run into someone who has created so much success for so many individuals world wide - and Dexter is a true rarity in our profession.

Modern recruiting techniques mixed with a strong training and personal development culture will certainly aid our profession into reaching heights that no one has known.

I hope this helped in your quest for the truth about Dexter Yager, in separating the man from the myth.

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