A Review Of MLM Guru Eric Worre

Published: 13th August 2009
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Who is Eric Worre

I first met Eric Worre in 2005, in what later turned out to be my first successful Network Marketing experience. I got involved with Eric in a company where he was one of the 'Fabulous Three' (you know, the three guys in a company who make 90% of the income).

Mr. Worre is a unique person, to put it mildly, and always was an interesting person to be in business with. On the stage of major conventions, Eric tends to ask questions an listen more than he speaks. He plays the part of a celebrity interviewer, asking questions to clarify points that allow the finer points of Network Marketing success to come through in a way that otherwise would remain in darkness.

Eric Worre is a FANTASTIC leader, and I encourage you to get familiar with his training as much as you can.

So how does Mr. Worre build his team?

Eric teaches the traditional MLM basics: word of mouth, third party promotions, home meetings, and the like. It's hard to actually get Mr. Worre to train on anything other than 3 way calls, home meetings, and weekly events.

He won't do it. In fact, I don't know if he would remember this, but I heard him talking one day about how he keeps things ridiculously simple, and so I was around him later that day at a training convention, and I questioned him, attempting my best to get him to be complicated. It made me laugh, really, that it was so difficult for me to get Eric to make things...difficult.

One of the most valuable things you'll ever hear from Eric is 'Keep it Simple'. Before meeting Eric, My business coaches were some of the most complicated trainers I have ever met. (Which frustrated me beyond belief)..

So are Eric's business building techniques effective for all people?

Mr. Worre eely admits that one way doesn't work for everyone. Twenty First Century Network Marketing Professionals admit that there's not a simple system that works the same for everyone. Different personalities find success in MLM with different strategies - as evidenced by the thousands of contradicting training systems that have produced strong results.

For example, when I was in Eric's team, it was the first time I had ever earned more than $3500 a month in Network Marketing, and I learned how to do that by following Eric's system, learning how to do hotel meetings, home meetings, and promote corporate events.

Just to be blunt, using that marketing system was EXTREMELY difficult for almost everyone on my team. All of us were broke, frustrated, and in our mid 20's (I was the least broke among them), that simply wasn't a good system for us to use. Simply put, to make big money using Eric's system - I would have to alter my personality and join a bunch of business networking clubs to meet the kind of people I would need to recruit. I would rather wash dishes.

Also, I discovered after a time that I simply don't enjoy spending all of my free time at meetings, on conference calls, and prospecting strangers. While I love to speak, the pressure in that group to do meetings every week and fill a huge room of people was enormous. I wanted a better way to do things, plain and simple (that I actually enjoyed).

So should you just forget anything that Eric's ever said? You'd be surprised to know that Mr. Worre's system was the first thing that ever made me any money in Network Marketing. Just so you are aware, I wasn't satisfied with building a business like that, and so I found a more efficient way of marketing through massive research, thought, and action

'and I found the internet. It took some effort, training, and practice, but I learned how to promote myself online. Not only is it way more fun than all of that stuff I used to do, it works WAY better as well.

I can't tell you how empowering it was the first time I developed a list of 1,000 Network Marketers who all had requested information from me, were reading my emails, and calling me asking if I would be willing to work with them personally if they joined my business.

So does Mr. Worre's training work? Absolutely, but there's no way I would ever build a business like that again. In fact, I wouldn't even care if I would make five times as much money. After a time, I found out that it is just way more fun to market and promote yourself in a way that is attractive, fun, and empowering - sponsoring people who WANT to know what you do for a living..

I would not do things any other way.

I experienced the exact opposite, however.My income grew by five times in my first six months of online promotion. Today I sponsor more reps into my business than almost anyone I've met in this profession.

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